Fermi Race Card Game

The Fermi Race Card game challenges two teams of players to strategically maneuver to be the first to assemble the parts of the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope satellite and then use it to observe five astronomical objects. As a team builds their satellite, they must strategically manage their resources in competition with the opposing team. To win, players must successfully have their operational Fermi satellite observe five different types of cosmic gamma-ray sources.

Instruction Guide

Below are links to the pdf files of all the cards used in the Fermi Race Card game. The card image files are each ~200kb in size. The cards should be printed in color and on cardstock for best results. You must have Adobe Reader to view these files.

Each of the cards need to be printed multiple times, the quantity of each type of card in one Fermi Race Card game deck is listed in the how to print online pdf file.

How to Print PDF

Each player should have one, double-sided, playing mat

Double Sided Playing Mat

Single Sided Cards

Single Sided Cards

The Double Sided Cards

In parenthesis is the number of each needed for a complete set.

That's it, that's all you need to play the Fermi Race Card game.

Enjoy the game!